Multicultural Resources for our Community

COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of race or gender, we’re all potentially at risk of contracting the virus.

Since March, Wake County has used traditional media and digital media – like Twitter, Facebook and this website – to keep residents updated on the latest information about the virus and the proper safeguards to take. But, we know we’re not reaching everyone.

Website Translation

In an effort to share these important messages across our multicultural community, we’ve translated our COVID-19 website into the 10 most commonly spoken languages in Wake County. To access any of them, just select “translate” at the top of this page and choose your preferred language.

Language Toolkits

We’ve also created toolkits in the most commonly spoken languages for organizations in our diverse community to use to help spread factual information about COVID-19. For fact sheets, graphics for digital media and other resources, see below: